A children's guide to Lisbon

7 things we love about our city


Raquel dos Santos is a dedicated fashion stylist, keen traveller, passionate psychologist, successful blogger (thetinyrules.com), proud mother (of daughter Ayla) and a true Lisboan. What a unique combination! Here she tells us about her favourite places and things to do in her beautiful hometown. Bem-vindo a Lisboa!


1. It’s affordable

Lisbon often offers great entertainment at a bargain. Most of the city’s attractions are free or inexpensive to visit. For a traditional portuguese experience you can stay at family-run inns (»pensões«). They are personal and worth a try. 


2. It´s gorgeous 

The Cristo Rei statue in Lisbon is one of the most iconic monuments in Portugal (yes, it’s the same monument as in Rio de Janeiro). For the full panoramic view, the best choice is a terrace bar. Also enjoy the popular tile walls (they will make your Instagram feed pop ;)) and the river Tejo with the »Golden Gate Bridge«.


3. It’s relaxing

The beach is only 15 minutes from downtown Lisbon. Our favourite is the family-oriented Praia do Estoril with for its calm waters.


4. It’s magical

The Pena Palace is a romanticist castle situated in Sintra, inspiring artists with its beautiful architecture and colourful walls.


5. It’s delicious

You can eat really, really well for a nice price and most meals include a fine glass of wine. Foodies should not miss the Mercado da Ribeira (a traditional market with a food court), it offers the best flavours of the city.


6. It makes you smile

Just hop on a tram – it’s the coolest and cheapest sightseeing transportation. Or choose the modern version: a tuk tuk.


7. It’s warm and sunny

Lisbon is situated on the coastline where the weather is great year-round.



written and photographed by

TravelCeline Haller