Stückgut – Zero wasTe

In Hamburg-based grocery store Stückgut, you can find almost everything – except packaging


Bright, friendly, inviting – »Stückgut« in Hamburg’s Ottensen area makes sustainable grocery shopping easy and even stylish. Transparent dispensers with nuts, seeds or – attention – custard powder, aluminium cans with tea and coffee, or displays with cleaning agents: everything looks fresh and tidy. Customers can bring their own containers, weigh them without content and fill them up with the desired amount. For spontaneous shoppers, there are nice glass containers, bottles and linen bags with a Stückgut logo on them, too.

While Stückgut can do without pointing the ecological finger, the mission is clear: every piece of packaging that can be cut is a step in the right direction. Keyword: precycling, not recycling. This is not only environmentally friendly but also helps customers do their shopping with an awareness of what they need and walk through life with less baggage.

As the idea behind Stückgut makes way for a whole new way of thinking, it is always easy to do conversation here: with founders Sonja Schelbach, Christiane Bors, Dominik Lorenzen and Insa Dehne, and, of course, other customers. With a piece of cake in the store’s small café, for instance. Their delicious coffee can also be taken to go – in a returnable cup, of course.



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SustainabilityCeline Haller