Little Cotton Clothes

Meet Little Cotton Clothes, a family business in the truest sense of the word. We talked to founders (and sisters) Imogen and Leonie to find out more about their brand, their inspirations and how it feels working together on a daily basis.


KINDA: Can you tell us the story behind Little Cotton Clothes?

............ Imogen: »When we began Little Cotton Clothes we had both recently become mothers. We wanted to dress our children in simple, traditional or vintage style clothing which was well made and built to last. We struggled to find this on the high street so decided to begin designing and producing our own, the rest has been a journey of learning, fun and lots and lots of packing orders.« 

KINDA: How is it working together as sisters?

............ Leonie: »Ha, great question. It’s actually working out a lot better than expected. We are both very different in terms of our character and skills. Imogen is pragmatic and great at making decisions whilst I (Leonie) am more focused on detail and design. We have naturally fallen into roles which suit our characters and abilities but we still make all important decisions together. From the outset we promised each other we’d work as a team and keep the best interests of the business at heart, and that we’d never take offence if our opinions differed. As sisters we are closer than ever, and we definitely have Little Cotton Clothes to thank for that.«

KINDA: Are there any other family members involved in the business?

............ Imogen: »Yes, pretty much all of them. Everyone lends a hand when it’s new season launch-time. We all muck in with the picking and packing but our Mum is the Queen of the packing table. Our sister Hannah is our number one photoshoot location scout, she does an amazing job, finding us the most beautiful buildings and gardens to shoot in. We are never short of models for our photoshoots too, with lots of children in the family.«


»As sisters we are closer than ever.«



KINDA: Where does your inspiration come from, and how do you keep inspired?

............ Imogen: »We find inspiration everywhere. We both share a passion for scouring flea markets, antique fairs and junk shops and reclamation yards. We are inspired by vintage clothing and fabrics, books and patterns. Our Dad took literally thousands of photographs of us and our two sisters as children and we love looking through these, a unique source of baby and kids fashion through the 70s and 80s.«

KINDA: Your collections are produced in handpicked factories, please tell us about this and how you work with them.

............ Leonie: »Imogen has worked as a buyer for 20 years and has collected many friends and contacts all over the world along the way, it is through these friends that we find our factories, this way we can ensure we are working with factories that we trust and that their employees are looked after as they should be. We also support a small children’s charity in India as a way of giving a little something back. We are also now in the position to be able to commission the printing of our own floral fabrics. We have recently commissioned a local artist to hand draw floral repeats for us, these will be introduced from Autumn 2019 onwards and we can’t wait. It’s great to be able to support other women in business.«

LEONIE  Little Cotton Clothes

Little Cotton Clothes

IMOGEN  Little Cotton Clothes

Little Cotton Clothes


KINDA: We’d love to hear a bit more about your latest collection called »Meadowsweet«.

............ Imogen: »This collection was inspired by English summertime. Long warm days, and an abundance of flowers in the hedgerows and fields. It’s inspired by our own young lives, growing up in the Worcestershire countryside, the freedom we felt and the fun we had.«

Little Cotton Clothes is available in sizes 0-9 years.

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